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Bozeman City Commission delays plans for new Law and Justice Center

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City officials have decided to delay going to the voters for the new Law and Justice Center. This project has been an ongoing dilemma in the Gallatin County and it has only become more and more complicated.

City Commissioner Terry Cunningham says they have two options on the table when it comes to building a new Law and Justice Center. 

One option is team up with the county to build a law enforcement building and add a courts building later.

Or, the city can build a public safety complex on city property on Rouse. This building would include the courts, Bozeman Fire Station Number One and the Bozeman City Police.

But Cunningham says they have a lot of work to do before they can send it to the voters.

Cunningham said, “We have to get it right. We absolutely have to get it right. We have been before the voters on two previous occasions and the ballot initiative has been rejected. So, we have to be thoughtful, we have to be deliberate and we have to make sure that we engage the voters and let them know what we are thinking.”

Cunningham says they are targeting the November ballot but many things could change between now and then. One estimate for the price tag of building a complete new Law and Justice center was $28 million.

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