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Big Timber-Asbestos holding up high school demolition

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Right now people living in old Sweet Grass County are facing a hold up when it comes to tearing down the old county high school.

The building caught fire back in October, in what investigators called, "human caused".. And now volunteers are working on demolition...But currently, work is at a stand still.

After decades of use students and teachers moved to a newer school in 1981.

Mimi Cramer, class of 64', says, "I think many of us had a great experience.  It was depressing to drive by and see the feral cats and pigeons."

Jami Moody, Committee Member of the Old High School SGHS Project, says the Department of Environmental Quality is requiring asbestos testing be done before the building is demolished.

"Right now we're currently trying to do some testing to decide whether the fire that occurred in October of 2017 changed the nature of asbestos in the building, Moody says.

"If the whole building is considered asbestos containing material it probably has increased the cost of this project exponentially."

She says that cost could come from truck load after truck load of waste throughout the building being sent to the nearest hazardous dump site in Billings.

Moody says hopefully the asbestos testing will finish in the next couple of weeks, but there's no timetable for the rest of the demolition.

To learn how you can help the old high school SGHS cause, you can go to:

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