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Special report: Cancer and your couch

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Cropped Photo: Shawna MGN Photo / MGN Cropped Photo: Shawna MGN Photo / MGN

Couch potatoes, we have new information when it comes to the place you might spend most of your down time. 

Couches and other furniture used to be built with flame-resistant materials, but now things are a little different.

Recent studies show the flame-retardant materials, which were used in the foams of couches, are almost obsolete. In 2010 regulations changed, and the upholstery now does the fire fighting for you.

"For some reason California was on the front end of this," said Roy Goodell, owner of Great Falls Upholstery. "They spear headed the requirements that everything meet certain flammability standards."

These new standards don't need the chemicals, and all Made-In-America fabrics meet new requirements.

But all of this comes with a price that could affect your health.  Be sure to tune in to your evening news tonight to learn what you need know when you buy your next couch.

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