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"The Hatch"

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A new product developed out of Big Timber could help farmers keep track of their chickens.
Developed by two Big Timber ranchers, the "Hatch" product is now gaining traction on social media.

One bird, twenty birds, two-hundred birds...this hatch device could literally be a life saver for any amount of chickens.
This is how "The Hatch" works...it's an automatic chicken hatch door that opens with sunlight in the morning and closes at dusk.

The makers of the door wanted a way to keep from going back and forth from their home to the chicken coop to let the birds out...this includes going out to the coop when the weather is bad or forgetting to close it.

"You can't risk even one night of your chickens being exposed to the predators, Jason Smith, Co-Founder, "Cow Tech", says.  "It's incredible how fast a raccoon will find your hens and get in and kill them all.  so, it was designed almost out of necessity."

He says you if you talk to anyone who has chickens, they all have stories about losing them, because it's so difficult to always get home and always lock up the coop in time.
"The Hatch" also has a weather sensor that keeps your hens from going out when it's too cold.
For information on "the Hatch" campaign, you can go 


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