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Frenchtown community helps out teacher with brain tumor

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The Frenchtown community is coming together to support a teacher who's battling brain cancer.

When you mention Bette Paskey's name in Frenchtown, it's a name everyone knows. She's been a teacher for more than 30 years in the small, tight-knit community.

"You see her being a timer at the track meet," said Carrol Flint, a school counselor. "You will see her at the basketball games. You will see her at the football games. She knows the kids, even after they graduate from high school. She can tell you what they are doing and she keeps track.”

Bette is a 6th-grade teacher and has been a part of the school system for several decades.

In November, she found out she had a brain tumor.

“I mean it was quick. We knew something was wrong on a Friday and Monday. We got kind of the diagnoses, but we didn't get the diagnoses of it being a brain tumor,” said Principal Aaron Griffin.

The news was not easy for anyone to take. However, the administrators, students, and staff knew it was their turn to step up and help.

Just as Bette has done for them over the years.

"I know the Paskeys well," Griffin said. "They are givers and they are probably having a hard time with the outpouring of care that they are receiving. Because they have been on the other end."

In fact, Frenchtown schools have raised over $1,800 with donation jars and t-shirts printed with Bette's favorite saying: "Here we go.”

"Bette always said ‘here we go’,” said Flint.

Now here they go: this small, tight-knit community as they step up to help someone who's helped them for the last 30 years.

If you want to help out Bette and her family, Frenchtown schools set up an account at Trailwest Bank in Bette Paskey's name. Call 406-626-4500 to learn more.

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