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Inspirational book gaining popularity is written by an author in Billings

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An inspirational book has been gaining popularity all over the world and the author lives in the Magic City.

'What's Next?' is a book that encourages people to move forward with their lives in the most powerful way. Karen Grosz sat down with KULR 8's Briana Monte to discuss her fourth book that has people all over the world changing their own lives. She explained what it's about.

"It's a little bit of my story," Grosz explained. "About always trying the next thing and just growing through life. It's also a roadmap to help people figure out how to do what their "next" is. To figure out how to achieve that and why they should achieve that. There's a chapter that talks about the grass is always greener but sometimes, it's only green if you water it."

Grosz said she has received nothing but great responses from readers who have had their lives changed just by reading the pages full of powerful encouragement and inspiration. Amazon's website shows a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

"How does it make you feel to inspire others and to change their life the way that they want it?" Briana Monte asked.

"I never thought that I would do this," Grosz said as she choked back tears. "Never."

Grosz said growing up as an extremely shy person, she has learned to open up a new chapter within herself and lives by the book. She's owned multiple businesses and has lived in Alaska for over twenty years before moving to the Magic City. Grosz said her book has a message. 
"You get what you expect," she said. "When you wake up in the morning and you expect that's it's going to be a crappy day, it's a crappy day. When you wake up in the morning and you think 'I'm going to get my 'next', I'm going to live my best life', you get to live your best life. That's what I want people to know everyday. That they have a choice."

Grosz said she is not going to stop writing. She's actually currently working on her next book.

If you're interested in reading the book 'What's next?', it can be found on the Amazon website.

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