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Tips to save money on your energy bill

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Is your bank account feeling the freeze this winter from sky-rocketing power bills? If so, you're not alone. Here are a few energy-saving tips to keep money from slipping out the door:

  • Reverse your ceiling fan: energy experts say spinning the fan in the opposite direction can force the rising warm air downward. 
  • Check your home for drafts: take a dollar bill, open your door and close the door on the bill. Pull the bill through the door. If it glides through easily, change the weather stripping. 
  • Reseal all windows: heat and air can escape through the smallest cracks. Add weather stripping around windows, too.
  • Close your blinds: keeping the blinds closed will reduce the amount of energy the HVAC system has to use. In the summer, keep the blinds open.
  • Unplug!: unplug your coffeemaker, laptop and cell phone chargers - all of these things can cost you big time. 
  • Replace your HVAC filter often: replace the filter about every month during heavy use. When the filter is dirty, it takes more power to heat and cool your home.
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