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Capitol High shooting scare dismissed

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HELENA, Mont.- While no arrests have been made, one teen was removed from class after a Snapchat video surfaced of them brandishing a weapon.

In light of the recent school shooting in Florida, its no wonder a student at Capitol was disturbed when she saw a classmate posing the question on social media that if he owns a weapon, should he automatically be considered a threat?

Superintendent Jack Copps says the video does not threaten anyone, but instead asks questions about the merit of gun ownership.

"Ownership itself doesn't necessarily produce people who do unlawful things. And that's the answer to the question and he poses it," said Copps.

Helena police spoke with the 18-year-old. They agree the student did not intend to harm the school or any students. However, the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office is reviewing the incident and is considering if any charges should be made.

Superintendent Copps says that he's glad students are on the lookout for suspicious activity and encourages students to report anything they believe suspicious in the future.

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