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Montana lawmakers respond to cries for gun reform

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Montana -

“Instead of focusing on studying for the next test the next day, we are worried if the next day someone is going to pull the fire alarm and shoot us in the hallway.”

High school students across America, and right here in Montana are walking out of their schools to show they want change.

“We care, and even though we can't vote we want to make a point.”

They’re calling on Congress to make laws to protect them in the classroom.

All three of Montana’s congressional representatives were in the state this week. We caught up with all three, who independently re-affirmed their support of the second amendment.

“It’s not the gun that’s evil,” said Representative Greg Gianforte.

“I don’t want to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens,” said Senator John Tester.

Yet they’re still working to find ways to prevent mass shootings.

“I’m a supporter of second amendment rights but I’m also a supporter of reducing gun violence,” said Senator Steve Daines.

All three say people like the parkland school shooter should not be able to get their hands on guns.

“We need to address the issue of gun violence, for someone like Nicolas Cruz who was deranged, he was sick. He should have never been able to buy a gun, and there were plenty of warning signs given to us. That’s what we need to focus on, what went through the cracks. That tragedy could have been prevented,” said Senator Daines.

Senator Tester is pushing to increase funding for mental health in public schools. He also signals he might be in favor of limiting tools that make weapons fire almost entirely on their own.

“Bump stocks. I think there are things we can do there that are common sense,” said Tester

Congressman Gianforte is asking people in every community to keep their eyes out.

“We need to heed those early warning signs and come together as a community to make sure people with evil intent don't have these guns, or mentally deranged and we need to make sure we have safe schools,” said Representative Gianforte

While there’s no clear solution yet, all three realize Montanans are looking to them for answers and action.

“Because it could have hit Missoula, it could have hit Darby, it could hit Hellgate tomorrow it could hit Lewis and Clark Elementary.”

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