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Attorney General Tim Fox fights for coal, natural gas producers in legal battle

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Attorney General Tim Fox joined Wyoming’s AG in protesting a Washington State piece of legislation on carbon tax. The bill would prohibit energy generated through coal or natural gas, from any state outside of Washington, from being used.

“This is clearly a tax that is meant to prohibit anyone in the state of Washington from using electricity that is generated out of state from areas such as Coalstrip here in Montana,” said Attorney General Tim Fox.

AG Fox believes the legislation is unconstitutional and violates the Clean Air Act, which states the federal government sets emission standards.  

“It's very necessary to have energy that can be generated very quickly in these high peak times. Traditionally that’s been through coal and natural gas. We certainly understand the need for renewables [sic], but unfortunately, that doesn’t meet the needs for the state of Washington or this region,” said Fox.

Fox says it threatens the market in this region. He argues that if Washington is allowed to go forward with this legislation, it would likely increase costs for consumers in the Rocky Mountain states.  

“If this were to pass, it would create a very dangerous precedent where states could regulate commodities from other states,” said Fox.

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