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Kids get moving to math

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Kids in many Montana schools no longer have to go to gym class because there is an increasing demand for academics and testing.
So, some teachers are implementing exercise into everyday subjects like math and spelling.  

These educators say that exercise is necessary in school, not only for a child's physical health, but their mental health as well.

"The kids feel better, they act better, there's less behaviors. I have hardly any issues when we do these kinds of activities. It gets all of that energy out and they're more focused on what they're suppose to be doing," said Ty Moore, 6th grade teacher at Sunnyside Elementary School.

The exercises are geared towards grade levels and the time of day. For example, kindergarteners work on counting while they do yoga to help them calm down, whereas sixth graders do cardio in the mornings. Those exercises help them solve real-world math problems such as determining the average number of jumping jacks the class can do in one minute.

"I like being able to have fun with everyone around the room, but its not just fun, its being healthy," said Kyna Kamps, a 6th grader at Sunnyside Elementary School.

Ty says there's really not a downside to it. Most of the workouts can be done in snow boots, so kids don't need to change and most parents seem to be on board.

"The grades go up, homework completion is a lot better so there's a lot more benefits than just the physical part of it," said Moore.

So far only a handful of classrooms are certified to implement this program. Teachers at Sunnyside hope one day all students in Montana will start exercising in class because even though the program has just been in place a year, they can't imagine math without the movement.

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