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Businesses prepare for record run-off flooding

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In response to record-breaking amounts of February snowfall, some Montana businesses are already preparing for a projected record-breaking amount of run-off.

Snow pack totals are above normal for all major river basins in Montana; some places are even setting records.

While this is great news for our long-term water supply, the run-off is going to be hard on businesses and families, especially those in the plains or near a major water source.

East Helena is situated on Prickly Pear Creek. The downtown area has a long, brutal history of run-off flooding.
With that in mind, some business owners are preparing for worst.

Any significant warming event could trigger it and you just have to keep looking down the road and be prepared, said Gary Thomas, owner of High Plains Sheepskin.

Thomas has bought 5000 sand bags in preparation to protect not only his business, but also those around him. His best advice is to keep valuables off the ground and keep sand bags somewhere handy, so you can put them in place at a moment’s notice.

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