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Discovering the Future: Native American Bison Experience


Few animals represent power and presence more than the North American bison. Students at Paris Gibson Education Center had the opportunity of a lifetime to go the Fort Belknap reservation and harvest a bison: what they call the Native American Bison Experience.

Teacher Jordann Lankford said, "Taking the students there and seeing the process of harvesting a bison, and then bringing it back home with us and using and utilizing the meat throughout the week has been really significant for them."

Students took part in every aspect, from the skinning the buffalo to packing the meat. They brought over 200 pounds of meat back to Great Falls and Jordan said not one pound has gone to waste. They made chill with it and also used part of the bison for several other projects. Students are also gained a culinary credit every time they use the bison meat.

Keeden Connell, who filmed the entire hunt, says his video helped him get a job shooting video for North 40 Outfitters before even graduating high school.

Drew Uecker, principal at Paris Gibson, said the school is all about hope and opportunity, and this helps his students become closer and learn about each other despite the each other's background.

"We're over 20 percent of the native American at our school so it's important that all understand each other," Uecker said. "This was something unique, something that had not been done before but it was something that was very very important in order to build that cultural connection."

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