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UP Argos Looking To Seniors For Leadership and Hoping for Spring

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"I love this team. They're terrific and I would't wanna share it with any other group of girls for my senior year…" said Argos senior pitcher, Kristina George.

George is one of four seniors leading the Providence Argos this spring, all of which are transfer students from schools like…

"Western Nevada College and then we had another senior this year who also transferred to us from Crossford College," George said. 

"Coming in, coach really  had a big influence on us saying that we're a team and at the end of the day, we're all far away from our families so this is the family we have out here..." said Gabrielle Canibeyaz, Argos senior 2nd Baseman.

"They basically just like welcomed me in with open arms, like hey, do you wanna come over, lets hangout, made it really easy," said Kylie Gonzales,  Argos Senior 3rd Baseman.

The Argos bond has become evident on the field…

"They actually really, really do well together as far as working well together and have totally embraced our team culture, " said head coach, Joey Egan.

But with winter yet to melt away, the Argos anxiously await their chance to return to the diamond…

"the snow's been killing us but we have been trying to take advantage of the gym as much as we possibly can..." said George.

"They have to overcome all odds by not being able to be on the dirt, not being able to be outside and to do that in a gym, yeah, the mental game is huge for them right now," said Egan.

"I think we might like kiss the grass or maybe worship the ground a little bit when we first get out there.. we miss dirt so much," added George.

"As soon as we can get some consistent practices outside, I think everythings going to come together for us again…" said Egan.

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