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Last day for candidate filing heats up party debate

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Monday was the last day candidates have to file for a chance to represent Montana  at both the state and federal level. 

Both parties are confident their slate of candidates can take over a majority rule. For the democrats, that's a daunting task.

 Despite being in the minority for the last decade, they believe they have enough momentum take the majority not only in the house, but in the senate as well.

Democrat leaders confidently said their diverse group of more than 120 candidates will be able to take back the majority, riding off of the recent democratic movements and rallies held around the country.

"That activism and that need to feel involved and the desire to do something and change something will be reflected in democratic votes,” said Representative Moffie Funk.
Republicans have filed in 98 of the 125 districts so far. Despite democrat's confidence, Republican Legislature Spokesperson, Lindsey Singer, says republicans are positive their longtime stronghold in the legislature will stand.

"Democrats have been saying that for a long time. And we're still confident that republicans will be able to hold the house and the senate majorities and continue to hold governor bullock accountable," said Singer.

Singer says republicans will keep a close eye on the budget, which will determine the GOP’s  focus in the upcoming session. They will also continue to maintain republican values. Democrats say the GOP  has caused dysfunction in government, emphasizing its time for change.

"They are the majority, they are in charge and all of these things they're talking about are part of their inaction as the leaders in the legislature," said Amanda Frickle, MDLCC Director.

Singer argues the democrats are using a Bernie Sanders style message that doesn't resonate with most Montanans.

As for the backgrounds of the candidates from both parties, they are quite diverse.

Democrats say they have men and women from economic and healthcare backgrounds.

The GOP slate includes a former NFL player and the mother of  Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen.

Candidates on both ends of the aisle have until November 6, The day of the general election, to convince voters they have the best platform.

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