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Fairfield Track Looks to Defend State Title

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Rainy days, snowy weather, and cold temperatures. Not something you want to hear at the start of a spring season.

"We need some snow to melt," said assistant coach Lynda Allen. "The track to dry out, we just have a wet track. The track's not even completely uncovered, so that's going to be a little bit of a challenge this year."

But challenges are nothing new to the Fairfield Eagles - so the team has moved into the gym and the hallways, where they're working to defend their Class B state title.

"It gives us something to look forward to this coming season, something to work up to," explained junior sprinter Dawson Allen.

"It does help out the confidence quite a bit and kind of sets a standard from last year," added sophomore long distance runner Clay Paddock.

Along with bad weather, the Eagles are fighting to replace the loss of Cantor Coverdell - the teams main thrower. Now, Andrew Wambach will try to fill his shoes.

"He did other events he was really good at too, so I'm going to do my best to represent him and the state champs from last year," Wambach said. "That's gonna take work but mentality has a lot to do with it."

Fairfield also lost Chandler Allen - but will now look up to his brother Dawson, the only returner from the winning relay team.

"Chandler, with the sprints, we kind of compete, and Cantor with throwing," Allen explained. "Now, I don't have those two so I'm going to have to look for other people to help push me."

The team says a chance to go back-to-back all starts with one thing:

"Confidence," Wambach said.

A trait that Fairfield doesn't lack as they look to defy the odds. 

"I just want to shine a little bit and beat some people's expectations, and I'm definitely a confident person - I've got the confidence to do that," Wambach said. "We'll see what happens the first meet."

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