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Weather Putting a Damper on Spring Sports Season

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"It's an up in the air decision of if we'll run on this track or not this year," said Rustlers sprinter Damien Nelson.

After crews installed the turf field at Memorial Stadium this past summer a plan to put a new track in was next on the list.

"My understanding is we need about five days of decent weather and no wind for it to be put down and properly cure," said Rustlers Track & Field Coach Mike Henneberg.

After a relentless fall and winter mother nature hasn't given Great Falls those five straight days of decent weather necessary to finish the project. If and when those days do come, the Rustlers track and field team will still have to wait.

"There's still a couple of layers of the surface that need to be put down. The track itself as well as the runways and painting the lanes and lines and exchanges and those type of things," Henneberg said.

While CMR holds out for the weather to change outside, they're doing what they can inside to be ready for that first meet.

"We've done a lot of drill work and found alternate ways to condition so when we do get this thing started we're not too far behind the 8 ball," Henneberg said.

"When you do get outside take advantage and get every rep in," Nelson added.

One thing the Rustlers can take comfort in knowing is they're not the only track and field team in the state facing adversity.

"This is not a unique situation. Those of us who have been around a long time have dealt with it before and we always come out okay," Henneberg said.

The PR's might come later than usual, there might be less meets on the schedule, but the Rustlers remain optimistic that this will still be a great season.

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