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MSU-Northern's New Coaching Staff Means New Culture

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After just one practice for the MSU-Northern Lights - it's not hard to see that a new coaching staff has brought a new direction for the program. 

"We've been working since I showed up in January for this moment right here, and I'm so excited to be out here. I love football, these guys love football," said first year head coach Andrew Rolin. "These guys that are still with us - they love football and they're excited to be out here and it's just been a heck of a day."

In the past three seasons, Northern only won two games. But Coach Rolin says now is the perfect time to build a foundation and establish a culture of winning. 

"I'm not worried about the past, we're worried about the future and handling our business and how we do things. And these guys have bought in, 100% have bought in to what we're doing and to the program and philosophy that we've brought to Northern," Coach Rolin explained.

That philosophy includes the idea that continuous effort will bring continuous improvement - which has brought a whole new energy to the team. 

"We are excited to play. These coaches, they've been talking to us every day about continuing to get better, continuing to do this, believe in the system, and believe in the process they've given us, so they're going to get a group of excited players out here that are ready to play," said senior quarterback Tommy Wilson.

After some down years, a change like this may be exactly what the program needed. 

"All the coaches - they hype you up. They're energetic. It's awesome," said sophomore linebacker Jaren Maki. "I love how much they care about this team, care about football. They're just - they're like family to me."

"Just having someone here who believes in us and giving positive for us motivates us to believe we can achieve the things they have set for us," added Wilson.

Coach Rolin has set four simple goals for the team: to graduate, to beat their rival, to win the Frontier Conference, and to win a national championship.

"Probably nobody in the city of Havre or state of Montana believes that's going to happen except for these guys out here and our coaching staff," Coach Rolin said.

But that doesn't mean anything to Coach Rolin - who has his eyes set on success.

"As long as we're giving great effort into being the very best football players and coaches we can be, that's a milestone in itself," Coach Rolin said.

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