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NFL Hall of Famer Honors Fairfield Athlete

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It's not every day that Montana gets visited by a Hall of Famer, but today, Fairfield got just that as Mike Haynes came to celebrate Ryder Meyer as a finalist for the US Army Pro Football Hall of Fame Award of Excellence. 

"I just kept saying that's crazy when she was saying what they were gonna do for me and that they were gonna send a Hall of Famer to Fairfield, Montana which is just crazy to me," Ryder explained. 

Since Ryder learned he was a finalist for the award, Fairfield prepared to welcome 9-time Pro Bowl cornerback. 

"It kind of hit you when Mike Haynes walked into the room. This is real," Ryder's dad, Les Meyer said. 

Haynes spoke to the entire student body of Fairfield – emphasizing Ryder's accomplishments in athletics, academics, and community service. 

"He's well grounded, he's super passionate about what he does, and he loves people," Haynes said about Ryder. 

Haynes also spoke about the importance of teamwork – and how lucky Fairfield is to be built on a culture of winning. 

"It's a neat thing for the school, neat thing for the community," Les said. "It's just nice to be able to have that kind of recognition come to Fairfield."

After the ceremony – Haynes mentioned how this nomination is something that will be with Ryder for the rest of his life.

"He's just been nominated for the Hall of Fame," Haynes said. "Just being nominated puts him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I don't know if everyone knows that."

For Ryder, the Meyer family, and the community of Fairfield – the chance to welcome a football legend to their hometown is something that can only be described as unforgettable.

"It will take your breath away," Les said. "Just get chills thinking about it. For Ryder to be a part of that is pretty special, pretty cool."

Ryder will now head to Ohio at the beginning of August to attend the Hall of Fame Game and attend the ceremony where they announce the winner of the award and the $2500 scholarship. 

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