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Pascal the Easter Horse

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Easter is usually spent surrounded by family, for one woman, her Easter was spent bringing a new life into this world.

He was born at 12:22 this morning hence the name which literally means child of Easter, said Angielynn.

s Moonshine Pascal was born just minutes into Easter, so a spiritual name was fitting, but there's something else that makes him special. He has a medicine hat, which is a marking that gives him the appearance of a hat.

According to legend, this means he is a horse of superior ability. But this little miracle hasnt come easy.

Ive been sleeping in my truck the past 29 days in a barn, waiting for Grace because she showed signs, said Angielynn.

Mud season had some different ideas for momma horse Grace, and Angielynn had a lot of work to keep her happy.

So for the last 16 days it was sleeping in the truck, swapping out straw every hour to keep her barn dry and keep her pen dry to allow her to have somewhere safe to deliver her baby.

After weeks of waiting hoping for the baby to come, Grace decided Easter was the day, and she pushed him out in just minutes.

There has been four years in the making of this baby so too finally to have it come and be born on Easter is a blessing.

Pascal will grow up and be trained as a therapy horse to help the elderly, sick, and those just looking for help, just like his mother.

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