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Weather Causes Cancellation of Helena Sports Events

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The winter weather continues to wreak havoc on spring sports. Class AA teams from Helena and Great Falls scheduled events for Tuesday in the capital city.

But waking up to nearly an inch of heavy, wet snow on Monday buried those plans. Coaches understand the decision but hope the weather continues to improve so they can get more reps outdoors.

"It is frustrating especially since it's so nice now and the courts are almost dry. We wouldn't have been ready to start on time. It would have been a pretty late night. So it was right call. But it is frustrating that we can't get started and kind of see where we are especially after the tumultuous beginning we've had," said Bruins tennis head coach Ryan Swenson.
"It was pretty devastating from our standpoint. I refuse to go out and shovel though. I just wouldn't do it. So my wife stepped up and went and did it because I was so bummed. But we told the girls hey we can control certain things, we can't control other things, and this is one of those things we can't control so we might as well make the most of the opportunities we have," said Bengals softball head coach Ryan Schulte.

Athletes around town were understandably disappointed but will continue to prepare with their teammates and try to stay patient as they wait for their season to heat up.

"We were so excited that we could actually like get on our field and like run around and then our field is covered in snow again so it's basically frozen back over. But we're just making the best of what we can with the gym. I mean I've asked Schulte multiple times if we can shovel the field and he makes fun of me every time," said Bengals junior third base Vanessa Walsh.
"It wasn't really totally out of the blue but the same thing happened with our cross country season so I'm kind of use to it by now with the smoke last summer. We have an awesome team this year and I'm really looking forward to playing with them," said Bruins junior singles tennis player Cameron Holston.

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