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Bullock for president?

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Governor Steve Bullock wrapped up his trip to Iowa last week. Many experts believe the governor's trip to Iowa could mean Bullock is vying for a place in The White House.

However, if you ask any of his staff members, they will tell you his recent trip to The Hawkeye State was simply to support an old friend. Communications Director for the governor, Ronja Able, says Bullock went to campaign for his friend, and mentor, Tom Miller, who is running for re-election as attorney general.

Bullock's office says the governor has also been traveling to places like Michigan and Wisconsin in an effort to rally support for the Democratic Party.

However, some experts argue we are in a period where a trip to an important state in presidential races has to mean something more.

"Not only is this a trip to Iowa to support a candidate that he actually does know. It really is a Steve Bullock trial run of how he would the look in the press’ eyes and the donor's eyes and the eyes of voters in Iowa,” said Lee Banville, professor at The University of Montana.

Banville says this time is known as an invisible The trips can lead to something or they can simply end up being campaign trips to support fellow party members.primary, when potential candidates use trips to draw media attention and gain public speculation. 

Although, in this case, the destination makes a difference. Traditionally, candidates with less funding go and visit places like Iowa to build name recognition. That is because it is small and has a caucus (a meeting where folks decide who should run for president).

This political move is catered to help outside candidates like Bullock.
Famously, Jimmy Carter used this maneuver to build a f
ollowing back in 1976, which means Bullock might be trying to follow the former president's lead.

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