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Bullock pushes for equal wages

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Today is National Equal Pay Day. It’s a symbolic day dedicated to raising awareness of the gender pay gap.

Montana has one of the largest pay gaps in the United States. In an effort to combat this governor bullock launched his equal pay task force.

For every dollar men make in Montana, women make just 73 cents.
Only three states, West Virginia, Louisiana  and Utah, have pay gaps that are worse than Montana’s in the
Governor Bullock started Equal Pay Task Force back in 2013. Five years ago Montana women were earning 67 percent of what men make. Now, they earn 1.6 percent more.

Bullock recognizes this seems like a small percentage and more needs to be done.

"So, its progress, but its progress that's still too slow and we all have to redouble our efforts to close the gap that much faster. There's no doubt that there are things that we can do,” said Bullock.

The governor said there should be new training so that women know what to do when negotiating wages in the hiring process.

He also said this is not a government lead effort, emphasizing the need for businesses to make a difference in paying out equal and fair wages. 

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