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SCAM ALERT: HPD says old scam making new rounds

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HELENA: Helena Police Department says they've seen another influx of calls to victims across the Capital city where the caller claims to be a part of law enforcement.

The caller states they are with Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, FBI, or the IRS and tell the victim they have a warrant and they must pay them over the phone for it to go away.

HPD says in some cases the caller even starts by using the name of a person the victims knows in order for the scam to sound more legitimate.

Lieutenant Cory Bailey says some people have fallen victim to this scam but there are plenty of ways to avoid it.

• Hang up and immediately dial your local law enforcement

• Don't call the number they provided - that could be part of the scam

• Call dispatch center and they will have an officer respond to your location.

• Never give out personal information over the phone

HPD reminds everyone, if it does not sound right, it probably isn’t and do your due diligence by checking in to it.

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