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Race day Preparations for the Ice Breaker

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It almost race day and with that comes race day preparations. You still need to train and keep those muscles working but not as much as normal.

“You really want to cut down your mileage, you could go out maybe 2 days this week and run a short distance maybe one or two miles at a slow pace just to keep yourself moving,” said Jen Brown.

Like discussed in previous weeks, nutrition is a key part to performance, and this week is no exception.

“Really focus on your nutrition this week, stay away from your fats and your fiber. You want to get lots of water in, even the days before the race you want to hydrate really well,” said Brown.

Once race day does finally come, Brown says you should make extra time before the race

“Try and get there a little bit early so you can warm up, go to the bathroom, the lines at the bathroom are usually pretty long. Make sure you schedule some time for that,” said Brown.

After you run the race, it isn’t good to just sit down and relax however.

“Within half an hour make sure you are eating something with high carbs and protein to let your body replenish a little bit. Then get your electrolytes back in, use a sports drink or water with some type of a mix,” said Brown.

Also, stretch out and keep moving to get the lactic acid out of those muscles.

We at KFBB hope to see you on race day!

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