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Fight Night in Butte

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Fightforce and Sparta Combat League invading the Butte Civic Center on a Saturday night in April. And what a night this was. Eleven fights on the card, capped off by a championship by Butte's own Sam Rouch against Kolton Menzak. But before we get to those highlights, let's take a look at some of the undercard fights first."

First fight of the night--Poplar's Nikolas Ogle taking on Bozeman's Christian Wallace. And Wallace would finish this fight with some vicious knees to the body--as Ogle is forced to verbally submit.

Next fight up--Justin Reardon of Great Falls taking on Bozeman's Jared Ferguson--and listen to this--Ferguson with the knock out of the night on the massive head kick.

Fight number four of the night--Bozeman's Colton Rue-Zindell squaring off with Butte's Shawn Kolczak--and Rue-Zindell teeing off on the ground--Kolczak forced to submit--Rue-Zindell your winner.

Another hometown fighter up next--Jeremy Darr taking on Ryan Horwood--Darr in control here--scores the take down and side control--the doctor would stop this fight after round number two.

First title fight of the night--Spur Roundstone fighting out of Billings--taking on Anaconda's Chris Latray--Roundstone in side control--lands the knee--and picks up the win via submission--Spur Roundstone your new Fightforce Heavyweight Champion.

And now the fight of the night--Kolton Menzak fighting out of Lethbridge, Alberta taking on Butte's own Sam Rauch for the Sparta Combat League Lightweight Muay Thai World Championship.

Menzak would weather an early storm and busts Rauch open with the big elbow shot--that cut would bother Rauch for much of the fight.

But Rauch would perservere and land big shot after big shot as he drops Menzak with a big shot to the body.

And here once again--great counter punch drops Menzak--who would need all of the ten cound to get back up.

And looking to finish strong--Rauch backs Menzak down with a flurry of punches.

Sam Rauch your new Sparta Combat League Lightweight Muay Thai World Champion--getting the win via unanimous decision.

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