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Helena community lends a helping hand during flooding

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Governor Bullock made the trek to Rossiter Elementary School in the Helena Valley this afternoon.
Most of the school's campus is under water. While Bullock declared the area to be in a state of emergency, some parents in the area are calm.

The Bourquin family says community support has helped them stay optimistic.

When they got the call on Sunday that her youngest daughter's elementary school was flooding, the entire the Bourquin family rushed over to help, but they weren't alone.

"It was just incredible, the cars and the community coming down and helping and just all the sandbagging and it was nice to see that," said Stacey Bourquin, her daughter attends Rossiter Elementary.

Dozens of community members came out to fill and place thousands of sandbags around the area in an effort to save the school.

"We're taking measures, everyone is taking measures to help," said Bourquin.  

Interestingly enough, those volunteers came in all shapes and sizes.

"People are in times of need and I figured they'll probably help me when I
m in need, so just do what i can," said Morgan Brelin, a 15-year-old volunteer who has been helping fill sandbags turning times of flood since he was eight.  

The abundant volunteer spirit found in the capital city comes at no surprise to some of our most elite lawmakers. Governor Bullock praised the efforts of those lending a helping hand over the weekend, and urges that help must continue.

"Its certainly good that our community members are helping out one another in a time of need, but we've also got to recognize that this could still go on for a while more. So we've got to be vigilant and all of us in the need to listen to law enforcement and first responders and make sure we're being careful," said Bullock.  

The valley area could get up to half an inch of rain over the weekend. All the while, warmer temperatures continue to melt snow on the mountain tops.

However, the Bourquin family isn't too concerned about looming weather threats, because they know they've got a community surrounding them that will truly make a splash.

Starting tomorrow Rossiter students will be shuffled around to other schools in the area. Some will attend Helena middle school, others will claim Carroll College as their classroom.

Bourquin says the school district's transportation system has been excellent in ensuring the kids get to where they need to be.

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