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Rossiter students will finish the year at Carroll College

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Today some students at Rossiter Elementary School were forced to relocate after severe flooding turned the school's campus into a swamp, closing it for the remainder of the school year.

Today Rossiter's 4th and 5th graders were crammed into Helena Middle School. The district says that while there's been a few bumps in the road while shuffling students around, but all in all, its gone pretty well. 

However, starting next week, things could get rocky as students certainly won't be in a traditional elementary school setting.

Come Monday, kindergartners at Rossiter Elementary will have their first unofficial college class. That is, they'll be learning their ABC’s  in a college classroom.

"They said we'll make our facilities available through the end of the year. I mean unbelievably gracious on their part," said Jack Copps, Superintendent of Helena Public Schools.

Carroll College is going to open its doors free of charge to all 470 Rossiter Elementary School students for the remainder of the school year. Fighting saints seniors graduate this weekend, which opens up most of Carroll’s campus.

"We're moving them over to Carroll College and what's better than a fifth grader going to college?" said Copps. 

Fourth and 5th graders had to go back to school today per state law. Surprisingly, the transition and changes have gone over pretty well with parents.

"All the updates that we've had with the school district, it’s actually kind of been ensuring that everything is going to be ok. We know the school is going to be taken care of and the kids are going to be taken care of for the rest of the year and nobody will have to miss a whole lot of school," said Stacey Bourquin, parent to a 5th grader at Rossiter.  

Superintendent of Schools Jack Copps says they're trying to make this as fun of a learning experience as possible for these kids that have already gone through so much due to flooding.

Students are getting to test drive subjects they normally wouldn't get to at this level.
For example, some fifth graders are getting to learn how to hablan espanol with Spanish teachers at Helena Middle.

"Thanks to a lot of people everything has gone smoothly. And we're in a good position now to be able to survive this and we hope that the rain doesn't get too intense here because it could add to the problems," said Copps.  

The superintendent says the key to this transition has been staying in constant communication with those affected.

Dozens of emails have been sent back and forth between admins and parents to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Parents will be able to get a hold of their student's teachers at all times and will know exactly what hall and classroom in which "college kids" will be learning.


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