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5/14 Senior Standout: DGS's Kordell Carpenter

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In the small town of Denton - it's not too often you'll find athletes who compete at the level of Kordell Carpenter.

"When you have a champion, you see the drive," said Denton track and field coach Glenda Peterson.

Ever since his freshman year, Kordell's been turning heads in the Northern C for football, basketball, and track.

"He never backs out of a workout," Coach Peterson explained. "It's a good, positive influence on the younger kids just to see him. He's working harder than anybody."

As a junior, Kordell suited up at quarterback for the Bearcats. Before he could even get in his first snap:

"I went in for a tackle. My ankle went numb," Kordell remembered. "It didn't hurt at first - but I looked down, and my ankle was sideways."

"I saw it, and it was like (gasp). My stomach kind of bottomed out," Coach Peterson recalled. "It was oh my gosh, he's worked hard. It was kind of like "what are we going to do?"

Fourteen screws, two plates, and one surgery later - Kordell was ready to prove he was still the athlete he had always been.

"After laying around for six months, I was ready to go and do some physical activity," Kordell laughed. "Get moving. Track season and basketball, I was ready to go and make the most of my junior year."

"He came back, worked really hard," Peterson said.

Which proved to pay off for the distance runner. As a senior, Kordell finally got to see time as a QB, lead the basketball team to divisonals, and now ranks within the top five in Class C for the 400, 800, and 1600. 

"It's really fun to coach one of those kids who has that drive and doesn't want to just be here and do minimum," Coach Peterson said.

With just two weeks until the biggest meet of his life, Kordell has his eyes set on standing on top of the podium as a state champion.

"If you work hard, good things will come," he added.

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