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Helena has temporary flood relief while it gears up for the worst

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HELENA, Mont.,-

Monday was a beautiful, May day, in Helena. While many folks are enjoying it by taking to the parks and trails, others are bracing for the worst.

s hard to keep up with this, its definitely a job into itself," said Michael Williams, a longtime resident of the Helena RV park that is currently flooded with water.

Williams had to quit one of his jobs just to keep his home from floating away. He and his dad sleep in three-hour shifts to ensure their sandbag barricade and water pump are maintained.

"When it jumps up to the 90
s, 80s and 90s and we have scattered rain showers, it's definitely going to make it a lot more interesting," said Williams.

Luckily, officials in Helena are also gearing up for the warmer weather, which will bring more flooding. When the county stopped handing out sandbags Friday at 5:00 due to funding, volunteer organizations quickly stepped in to fill the need.

"This is kind of the way it should be. Helena and many communities are great and when we just come together, i think we can do just as good a job as the county," said Rob Lawler, Corp Officer with the Salvation Army.

Lawler says the transition has been seamless. No one has taken notice that there is a new crew operating the fill station because non-profits like the Salvation Army and the Red Cross are designed to aid in disaster relief such as this. They've already funded and put together 8,000 sandbags since Friday night.

"Water does what it does, but we're trying to be prepared and proactive so that the sandbags are available for the community as needed," said Lawler.  

A few new neighborhoods started experiencing flooding last week. Residents in the RV park want those people to get help, but hope the community doesn't forget about the ones who have been dealing with this from day one.

"In the beginning, first couple of weeks, people are donating so much and its great and it helps, but to rationalize that not knowing how long this could last, it
s very emotionally tolling," said Williams.   
In the meantime, Williams says his family will continue to work on their new "jobs" and help out their neighbors.


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