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Helena flood cleanup begins

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As floodwaters recede many are feeling a flood of relief for the first time in weeks. However, now, they're left with a huge mess.

Our Bliss Zechman went to a formerly flooded RV park in Helena where residents are preparing to put their boots back on, this time to clean up.

It looks like Moses has parted The Red Sea in the Helena RV park. Last week, the water was skimming knees, but now its nearly gone, almost like magic. However, it wasn't magic, but a dismantled beaver dam that took this park from looking like a swamp to a habitable residence.   

"Yesterday was quite a big turnaround and we're hoping its for the best," said Michael Williams, a resident.
Since the floodgates opened in this Helena RV park, Williams has been sleeping in three-hour shifts just to keep his house from floating away. Now, he has a more difficult task to undertake.

"Trying to get back to a normal life. It
s going to take some time."

This has been Williams full time job for the past couple of weeks. He had to quit his second job just to maintain his home's barricade. But now, luckily, the residents here will have some help in the cleanup process.

"We have a meeting planned tomorrow to see who is willing to participate in the cleanup and how we're going to make that happen,
said Rob Lawler, Captain of Helenas branch of the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army has been here since the beginning to help provide relief to flood victims. They've shelled out thousands of sandbags and put in hundreds of hours to ensure all Helena flood victims get the help they need.

However, the clean-up crews have their work cut out for them. Each sandbag weighs about 60 pounds when its saturated, and with more than 100,000 sandbags distributed, it
s definitely going to be a workout.

"Cleanup is going to be the difficult task. Some of us have dirt driveways, so we will just tear them open and pour them in there," said Williams.

However, the RV park will be tasked with more than just heavy lifting. They're still without fresh water and everything from rugs to house siding will have to be disinfected. Then there's the matter of finding the necessary equipment.

 "Some of us have tractors, some of us don't so it'll be harder others and easier for some."

Williams says he's relieved he doesn't have wear waders just to get to his car.However, he wished the county could have torn down dam sooner.


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