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Governor Bullock teaches bear safety

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Governor Bullock and Lt. Governor Cooney taught Montanans the bear necessities today in Helena.
Along with FWP officials, they explained what to do if you encounter a bear.

As bears and cubs move to lower elevations, we are more likely to encounter them. With Montanans headed out to the wilderness this Memorial Day weekend, the governor wanted to demonstrate how to use bear spray and how to prepare for a safe outing.

FWP says its best to practice with an expired can of spray first. You should aim directly at the bear and be about a school bus length away when spraying.

“So we're just encouraging people to be safe when they get outdoors this weekend. Be bear aware. First and foremost carry bear spray,” said Gov. Bullock.

This is a timely demonstration as we recently learned a bear could attack anyone. A government wildlife worker is lucky to be alive after her encounter with one of the creatures just days ago.

FWP says its vital to keep the spray on a holster around your waist, so you can reach it easily. Bears will not wait for you to get it out of your backpack.

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