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Sunburst Seniors Prepare to Play Final Time Together

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The road to the 6 man all-star game has taken me to North Toole County, Refiner Nation, where Christian Bloch and Treyton Pickering are warming up to play for eachother one last time.

"Being able to play with Christian one last time. I've been playing with him for seven years and it's goinna be different playing without him, and it's gonna be a fun time and hopefully we have some more memories coming out of this game," Pickering said.

Christian and Treyton's grid iron journey together began when they were in 5th grade, mangaing the junior high's football team. 8 years later they've grown together, becoming the big men on campus in their small town.

"He always pushes me," Pickering explained. "So one last time to be on the field with him will be awesome."

Having witnessed eachother's evolution as athletes, Christian and Treyton have a great idea of what to expect in Saturday's game.

"He brings just the competitive nature and his strength and his quickness," Pickering said. "He may not look quick but he's pretty quick - surprises me at times too." 

"Well, he's a jack of all trades; he can do anything, he can go on the football field and play any position and he'll be good at it," Bloch said. "He puts in the time, he puts in the work and he just has the type mindset that he's gonna get it done." 

Treyton will be playing division one football next season for the Montana Sate Bobcats. Regardless of where his football journey takes him, it all started in North Toole County.

"Refiner nation is everything here. Everyone bleeds red and white, and so to represent our town is a great privilege for both me and Treyton," Bloch concluded.

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