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More human remains found in a Helena neighborhood

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More human remains have been dug up in a neighborhood. Yesterday, the county coroner confirmed they'd found one complete skeleton.Today, they've found seven.

More than 1600 early Helena natives were buried on this plot of land between 1886 up through the early 1900s. It fell into disrepair around 1970. The falling tombstones were a danger to public safety and with no easy way of removing thousands of decaying bodies. They decided to build a park.

"We actually would play in the cemetery  even at night if there was bunch of us, but we never took the shortcut home thru the cemetery," said Fee Lamping, a longtime area resident.
Lamping remembers when these were just dirt roads. However, as new homes are continually going up in the area, Lewis and Clark County Coroner Bryan Backeberg says crews will continue to dig up remains if something isn't done soon.

"Now that we know one exists in a public right away or a street, I think we have an obligation to at least disinter them or move them," said Backeberg.  

Backeberg says they don't want to destroy a part of history, but he says Livingston Ave. is sitting on a ticking time bomb. When a water line breaks or someone else decides to build in the area, more bodies will likely pop up.

"I really do think that the cemetery actually was a lot bigger than Robinson Park," said Lamping. 

However, this happens more often than you would think. Historians at the Montana Historical Society told me dozens of abandoned cemeteries have been bulldozed to make way for a safer community.


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