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Last day to take off studded tires

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Today is the last day to get your studded snow tires removed- for the entire state before law enforcement starts handing out citations. However, there's more at risk with keeping those tires on than just getting a ticket.

Studded snow tires can save your life during winter weather conditions. However, in the summer, they can spark a dangerous situation.

"If they sparked, ya know when it gets real dry and the forest fires are real severe, potentially dangerous there," said Wyatt Zipperian, Whalen Tire Manager.

In addition to possibly starting a fire, the tires can cause serious road damage. The spikes dig into the heated, summer asphalt, creating divots in the road. The studs also clang against the pavement, making for a noisy, uncomfortable ride.

"You gotta do it when the weather allows you to. We didn't start pulling snow tires off until about the last week of may, which is the latest I
ve ever seen it," said Zipperian.

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff, Leo Dutton, says we've had a particularly aggressive winter and the possibility for snow still looms. So, he understands some drivers might be hesitant to take off their safety nets.

"We'll give out warnings, if we hear that, we've not really strict about it because this is Montana and we can have unpredictable weather," said Dutton.  

However, he says if you're still riding around with the studs on by the middle of June, you could get a ticket. Its a misdemeanor and could land you a $500 fine.

"Your studded snow tires must come off, today. If you haven't made an appointment, you better get to it," said Dutton.  

Folks at Whalen Tire say they are the busiest they have been in the last decade trying to take off everyone's snow tires. The Montana-based company says its smart to get them off for another, economical reason.

"The longer you're in them when its nice, the shorter they last."

Studded snow tires can go back on starting October first.


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