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North Star's Miller Twins Prepare for All-Star Game

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As iron sharpens iron, one brother sharpens another... For the Miller brothers, Devon and Dylan these skills became sharp enough to make the 6 man all star game... 

"We've always been very competitive.. like.. Devon grew faster than I did so he was always bigger and I tried to keep up and I think that's what toughened me up honestly," chaid Dylan.

Apart from the physical aspects of the game, the Millers hold each other accountable, challenging each other to get better.

"If Dylan like struggles or something on like pass coverage I can always get in his face and tell him you know, I mean its constructive criticism but I feel like I can criticize him a little more than my other teammates "said Devon. 

"We always had eachother's backs and we played football for seven years," Dylan said.

For the Millers, playing in Saturday's all star game represents the realization of a grid iron dream...

"Its pretty cool, we always wanted to play in it since we were little. We always had North Star kids in high school playing in the all-star game and we always wanted to be one of those" said Dylan.

"It's fun for sure; not only to be with my brother one last game but to be with all these all stars around the state... its a fun time to actually be with them and be on the same side of the ball... " said Devon.

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