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Helena Huskies Lacrosse Hungry For State Tournament

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Helena Huskies head coach Pat Lane's 14-and-under team made it all the way to the state championship game last season.  
"Really seeing the boys mature and to grow up and to see that transpire on the field with sportsmanship and the way they treat and talk to one another," said Pat Lane. 
Lane was introduced to the sport just five years ago and now he's wrapping up his second year as head man.
"Growing up here in Helena I never really knew what lacrosse was and my son came home one day and said dad I'd like to look at this lacrosse thing. I saw the program grow from you know maybe a 100 kids to now it's in three, four, 500. It's getting bigger each year," said Coach Lane. 
The game may be relatively new to Montana but some of these athletes have been playing lacrosse for nearly seven years. 
"Oh, at the beginning I didn't know what I was doing and I was pretty much just messing around but I got way better," said attacker Liam Walker. 
"I'm outside for about two or three hours a day just playing wall ball or just shooting around. I really enjoy how fast-paced it is because the game doesn't take forever so we have time to hang out as a team and spend time with each other," said defender John Lane. 
The next step for these hungry Huskies is a chance to play on one of Montana's biggest stages. 
"Well, if you make it to the championship game you're on the Bobcats and just the feeling of being in the game with all these people watching. I think this time we're just gonna keep the pressure instead of getting ahead and waiting," said midfielder Ethan Gugi. 
"It's great for the kids. It's one last hoorah to see who the top dog is in the state," said Coach Lane. 
The two-day tournament features round-robin pool play setting up the bracket that decides the champion. The capital city club is sending four boys teams and two girls squads to the state tournament in Bozeman this Saturday and Sunday.

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