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Severe weather warnings throughout different parts of Montana

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Parts of our state are waking up to flash flooding and strong winds and severe hailstorms.

This is new time lapse video of a severe storm hitting rosebud county...with fierce winds blowing dust under heavy clouds.

You're looking at new video near Miles City...Out of the diamond ring area where flash flooding downed trees and caused damage to buildings in the area.

There have also been reports of lightning, wind and hail and there are reports of large hail in parts of the state.

This morning other parts of our state are bracing for more thunderstorms after all this hail.

Take a look at this picture of a two-inch piece of hail that fell near I-94. 

People driving had to park at the side of the road as hail struck for over 15 minutes there.

Here are new photos out of Red Lodge, where you can see large pieces of hail some nearly the size of a golf ball.

There another chance for thunderstorms there later tonight.

When it comes to hailstorms there are certain things you can do to stay safe.

Make sure you're staying informed on the weather coming to your area and be aware of any weather warnings.

When hail hits, move inside and stay inside.

Balls of hail can be extremely dangerous. 

Once your indoors close all drapes blinds and shades in case your windows break.

You'll also want to check your roof after every hailstorm to make sure there isn't significant damage.

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