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Julia Wades In the Water, First Native American Female Police Officer

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From Evel Knievel to Gary Cooper, Montanans have a rich history of movers and shakers. Recently the Blackfeet Nation honored the great grandchildren of Julia Wades In The Water. And her service as the First Native American female police officer in the nation.

At the tribal council meeting, Blackfeet Tribal Chairmen Harry Barnes thanked the family for the services Wades In The Water provided to the community
Members of the Blackfeet Nation said, she is actually the first woman police officer in the country serving from 1905 until the 1930's. She worked along side her husband.  They added she was known as a dead shot, helped young women and girls, and was a very kind to everyone in the community. 

"Its an honor, it really is they accomplished so much in their life  she and my grandpa wades we have pictures, my other cousin has pictures of them where they meet with Harry Truman," said Salois Solway, her granddaughter. 

She said Wades In The Water inspired her to study law and she served as a  tribal judge, because it was simply in her blood. Wades in the Water and her husband also took pictures with tourists and camped in Glacier National  Park.

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