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Canoeist cross the country by water

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It's a feat accomplished by only a select few. Our Bliss Zechman sits down with a pair of adventurous folks trying to make it from one coast to another in a  very unique way.

4,750 miles of paddling and portaging in 220 days. That's how far Martin Trahan  and Jillian Brown will have gone by the time their cross-oceanic journey ends.

"Basically more people have walked on the moon than have done this route," said Brown.  

The Canadian duo has moved through the majority of Montana all while carrying their 50 plus pound canoe. Much like Lewis and Clark, the journey has been historic but backbreaking.

"It was huge, it was painful, we suffered, but we made it," said Trahan.

Come Saturday, they'll put their canoe into Lake Helena, which will eventually connect them to the Missouri River. They say the journey across the Treasure State would have been even more challenging without the guidance of one Capital City native.

"While people are coming through here anything we can do to enhance their experience, I think is something that we can do, should do, and are happy to do," said Will Garvin, who has been hosting the paddlers.

Garvin is what the long distance paddlers call a river angel. He helped the travelers across the Canyon Ferry Dam, gave them a place to stay and is helping to guide them on the proper path.

I thought Canadians, but so far Americans are the best," laughed Trahan.

Apart from the hospitality, the duo says the most surprising thing about the journey so far has been experiencing America
s diverse beauty.

"I don
t think either of us knew we were going to go from kind of a rain forest to a high desert to another bit of rainforest to big mountains to amazing cliffs where you can just see the erosion and the history within them," said Brown.  

Its Day 48 of their journey. The canoeists plan to make their final port in Miami by the end of November.

"This is the adventure of a lifetime and we're living it right now," said Trahan.  


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