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Ghostbusters help kids fight inner-demons

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One group in Helena has made it their mission to help kids battling with illnesses bullying in a very ghoul way. Our Bliss Zechman explains how the Ghostbusters are answering their call in Helena.

“who you gunna call? Ghostbusters!”

Instead of fending off spirits and apparitions, these Ghostbusters are fighting another kind of demon.

“With us being in costume and we start things off with them really goofy anyways. It just helps them to super relax and then they come forth,” said Shawndelle Kurka, also known as “Hot Shot” among her fellow Ghostbusters.  

Dustin Semans and his sister Shawndelle say kids feel more at ease when they can be guided through difficult times by phantom fight adults. For the past two years, they’ve helped kids throughout the Helena are by getting on their level to talk through serious situations, like illness and surgery.

“They came to see us and they ran up and gave us hugs. And that shows that you’re doing something good for someone,” said Semans, AKA “D-Train.”  

Semans knows firsthand how effective acting ghoulish can be. His son, Nate, had to undergo serious heart surgery in Salt Lake City two years ago. The night before, the Ghostbusters division in Utah came in to calm down the understandable scared 5-year-old.

“When he went to go into surgery he said I’m a Ghostbusters now. I can do this.”

Now Nate is completely recovered. He even helps his dad fight off ghosts.

“D-train will help me capture the ghost!” said Nate.

The Ghostbusters are well known around town. They’re in-demand entertainment for birthday parties, which they use as venues to raise money for sick kids in the area. Even through the fun, they try to teach their fans important lessons.

“Find an adult, find someone who is going to help you.”

They teach kids out to beat the bullies, not with their proton packs or fists, but with words and confidence.

“If we can save one kid who’s being bullied from committing suicide then that’s worth its weight in gold,” said Kurka.  

Even if they can simply buy a family whose spent the night in a hospital dinner or give a kid struggling with confidence smile with a little slime. They’ll keep on answering the call.

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