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Man arrested for crushing chest of man in Havre

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One man was arrested after assaulting another man near Havre on August 1, according to Hill County Sheriff's Deputies.

Elias Stump, 36, is being held at the Hill County Detention Center. He faces one count of attempted deliberate homicide and one count of criminal defamation.

According to court documents, Hill County Deputies responded to a disturbance near the 22nd Avenue railroad crossing. When they arrived, a railroad worker guided them to a man who was lying the grass. The man, who was identified as James Travis, told officers he had been assaulted. He had severe injuries to his neck, head, and chest, which had caved in.

According to Travis and several witnesses, a tall Native American man wearing camouflage shorts, later identified as Stump, jumped on Travis' chest several times with his knees and even held his knee to Travis's throat. A witness stepped in and pulled the man off of Travis, and he quickly fled. 

When interviewed by the deputies at the Northern Montana Hospital, Travis explained what led up to the attack. According to court documents, he told the deputies that he was drinking vodka and watching the trains go by when he was approached by a man. The men shared the bottle and continued to watch the trains before the man "snapped." He allegedly began calling Travis "Custer," accusing him of "killing his people," and becoming belligerent.

The man continued to make comments like this before attacking Travis. He jumped on Travis' chest, kneed him several times in head and body, and placing his knee on Travis' throat. 

Using the description of the man, deputies were able to find Stump at the Havre-Hill County Library on August 2nd. They found several scrapes and bruises consistent with landing on his knees and found blood on his shorts. The deputies took a picture of him and used it in a photo lineup that was administered to the witnesses. One of the witnesses was able to identify Stump but the other said he was not close enough to get a look at the attacker's face. 

After the positive identification, the man was placed under arrest and charged. 

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