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Recommendations for quick recovery of sports injuries

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Recovering from a sports injury means bed rest and waiting to get back into the game, but how long is too long?

Dr. Brad Fuller from Fuller Family Medicine said while it is best to rest your injury, waiting too long can actually do more harm than good.

"Waiting too long so to speak can lead to muscles atrophying and then the whole joint weakens or a part of the body weakens. So we want to try and find the weak spot on resting it and rehabbing it," said Dr. Fuller. "Also getting back into the game soon enough so you don't lose the muscle tone and other muscles in the body and then you're at risk of another injury.

Aside from physical therapy, he Dr. Fuller said the best thing you can do at home while rehabbing an injury is to keep conditioning, whether that's riding a bike or aerobics.

He said taking care of the injury right away also helps minimize any further damage to your body.

Dr. Fuller said to work closely with your doctor during your recovery and once you're better to maintain stretching and muscle building to help compensate for the injury.

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