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9/11 Reflection

Inside The Pentagon on 9/11: MAFB Colonel shares his story

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GREAT FALLS- A personal story of the Vice Wing Commander of the 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom, who at the time of 9/11, was inside The Pentagon just feet away from where the attack happened.

17 years ago to this day on 9/11 Col. Peter Bonetti was just one wedge and one ring away from where an incoming plane flew into the Pentagon. 

"I got a text from them this morning," said Bonetti.

Bonetti had two little girls in elementary and middle school at the time. 

"They didn't know if I was alive or dead, and they had gotten word that The Pentagon had been hit," said Bonetti.

The thought of not picking up his daughters at school was simply unbearable.

"The hardest part was that, and there were more kids left who's parents hadn't picked them up yet," said Bonetti. 

Yet the severity of just how unbearable this was, was far from over. The sounds of a ringing alarm still resonating in the ears of those who worked through the aftermath of 9/11's impact at the Pentagon.

"The alarms would go off every time they came across a body. Sometimes the gasses released of some bodies that were burned up," said Bonetti.

Minutes, hours, days, and now years have gone by, one horrific event and 3,000 lives lost. 

"I think to myself that we're doing this for them. We're doing this every day to make sure that we have a free America that's ready to stand for the liberties that we have fought for," said Bonetti. 

And now more than a decade later, it's motivated and continued the mission for our military members to ensure that each and every single one of us doesn't have to face another day like September 11, 2001.

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